Vedran Tomsic

In True Love for a Brief Moment

Flash Fiction by Vedran Tomsic

I picked you up on a summer bluebird afternoon. We decided to leave it all behind for a day and indulge in whatever. 

You see other guys; I live other lives, neither of us minds. Both our hearts, guts and souls were once ripped apart and torn, that’s what makes us strong. We already know our dirty secrets from way before, missing open intimacy, not the score.

You put on a badass song and squeezed my right hand resting in your lap; I kissed the back of yours. A tear of joy started to flood the corner of my left eye. I welcomed it. Your smile outshined the sunset behind us.

We cherished that serene moment of true level, seeing that if there is anything we know is that moments get gone. I am a patient man unlike those boys you like to play; you get me harder than a diamond and I understand drama so I know how buildup can turn a bedroom into a sauna.

But it isn’t imperative for us to fuck as it’s fundamental that we are in each other’s lives and that we protect it at all costs. That much we know. The day was going way too good, close to kitsch. So when we stopped at that one gas station where the bathrooms were working, I just had to try to tongue kiss you in the car because I knew you wouldn’t let me, it made the day perfect.

We laughed about it. Moments are hitchhikers and I picked up one more at the end of the road, gently kissed your lips and squeezed you hard around the waist before I deployed for my personal holy war. As I pulled away, I peered at your silhouette in the rearview.

You never looked back. That’s why I respect you.

On Raphael

Poetry by Vedran Tomsic

Default set to childlike wonder
transcending age and time
globes of silent thunder
lowly and sublime.

Consuming in parallax
the madness that is world
shifted perspective syntax
from baked to raw to served.

Two things we truly own
man’s angel wings of soul
trapped in glass domes
where the wonder child can grow,


Meet Vedran

<img class="wp-block-coblocks-author__avatar-img" src="; alt="<strong>Vedran Tomsic
Vedran Tomsic

Vedran is a photographer from Slovenia. During a week off in New York in January he went around town collecting feedback on a photo book dummy and got the advice to think about including some writing instead of just photographs.

Six months later he did. It started as a project of combining photography and poetry. Since then, it went from writing poetry and short stories to becoming an integral part of his creative process with more and more serious aspirations with the medium. As a newcomer to shuffling words, he is yet to publish a book, but you can find his writing on Instagram @pencutsandpaperstains

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