Poetry by Pranav

The Crescent Moon in the Night Sky

Poetry by Pranav Rustagi

Just like every Saturday night
I was again writing about him
Adding one more chapter to
how he introduced the moon to me
I have always sought for darkness
Maybe that is reason why
"No moons" used to be my favourite
Until when he introduced the moon to me
I was thinking all this
Lost, staring at the most beautiful thing
Crescent moon it was,
And I remembered when I used to ask him
Why he chose me? 
And just like always, he would say
"You're the crescent moon in my night sky" 
I would always end up thinking 
What a weird amour I had got
And he would chuckle and say
"One day you will understand" 
I was so lost in my darkness
That I never understood what he meant
But tonight I did
In the night sky with billions of stars
I always thought that I was incomplete
Full of flaws and imperfections
But he saw right through my walls
Crescent moon
Though it seems incomplete
But it's the same moon
Which would soon glow on the full moon
I was perfect, just never realised 
With tears in my eyes tonight 
I finally understood what he meant
When he caressed my forehead 
When it hit the dusk... 
<img class="wp-block-coblocks-author__avatar-img" src="https://evepoetry.files.wordpress.com/2021/08/f96b2-img_20190504_170822_123.jpg&quot; alt="<strong>Pranav Rustagi
Pranav Rustagi

I’m from Delhi, India and doing graduation in the Computer Science field. I am a vocalist.

Besides singing, coding and writing are my basic interests. I’m not that much serious about writing but it won’t be right either if I state that it’s just a hobby for me. My relation with writing is something unexplainable. It has been 2 years since when this talent was passed on to me from a friend of mine who left writing.

I am not yet published but I look forward to having my book published someday. In the end, I’d thank my friend for what I am today. 

Instagram handle: @i_speak_truth_insta 

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poetry by pranav

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