Little Emotions

Little Emotions by Mudit Sehgal

Early morning chirping
Those careless whispering
Passion to fly
Not to cry
Emotions were easy
Days were crazy
Thought was to fly in the sky
Cute emotions & careless dreams so high
Days tend to grow
We behaved so
Mind so inquisitive
Questioned often
Without a doubt even
Everything as is
all tend to believe in…
Days were early
With a mind of a child
When everyone was a like-minded child
Days and nights all were wild
Breeze was always mild…

Mudit Sehgal

Mudit Sehgal is 33 years old and works as a Chartered Accountant based out of India.  He has an in-depth interest in writing, especially poetry.  
A qualified Chartered Accountant, he works with a CA Firm at Delhi, India’s Internal Audit Department.  

He developed an interest in writing when he joined college, but kept his writing personal as he always found it tough to show to others. He kept his work private until he wrote some poems and quotes that he shared with family and friends who praised his work. Recently, he began sharing his work on WhatsApp and Instagram.  With some encouragement from his Uncle, who told him poetry is an art, you won’t be able to hide it, even if you want to, he now has dreams to one day get his work published. 

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