In the Subway

In the Subway by Aira Marie Fullon

In the subway
of our memories

each passing train
a tempting offer

to cross the yellow lane
to predetermined destination

but I shall wait
for the crowd to die down

and let my heart do the choosing
that the feet found hard

carrying a bag of hope
that this travel shall take me

soon to that forgotten station
that belongs to you and me.

<img class="wp-block-coblocks-author__avatar-img" src="; alt="<strong>Aira Marie Fullon
Aira Marie Fullon

I am a graduate of BS Education Major in English and am now teaching in High School in the Philippines.
As an old soul, I have always been fascinated with nature. This curiosity of mine has inspired me to write about them asking myself every time, ” What would they tell us if they can speak?”

As a daydream, my mind switches to travel mode to a faraway land right after I get off work. Writing will always be a home I can always go to, the sweetest escape that I am so privileged of having right now.

A couple of anthologies published my work, namely Train River Poetry: Winter 2019
and Misplaced Devotion.

There is no better reward for me than to know that my words resonate with the souls who need it the most.
You can follow me on Instagram @dearlittleredlines

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