The Lilac Lighthouse

The Lilac Lighthouse by Max J. Lewy

Lilac spectres, hovering above the rollicking waves,
Greet me at night from across the oceans…
as I hold The fort by the old lighthouse, beautiful and bold…
Caressing my mouse-white beard, upon this misty eve.

Like lavender flowers, of pallid hue, they skate upon,
The perfect blue, of the frozen skies…
Flooded with white light, From the bulb in my citadel by the sea.
What dreams they carry,
From what storms they are sent, over life-less bodies,

Broken by tempest, shall remain shrouded in night. But, that they come and go, of this there can be no doubt. Of the agonizing nights spent alone here, left only to watch On while so many souls ran aground on the breakers.

We begin as star fish, and end as empty shell.

I bore witness with my shining torch, until this day,
When my madness finally sets sail, and I join them…

Throwing myself off the high porch, into the eternal blue…

<img class="wp-block-coblocks-author__avatar-img" src="; alt="<strong>Max J. Lewy
Max J. Lewy

Max J. Lewy (1983-) was born in the ex-coal-mining area of the South Wales valleys, U.K. to a Jewish father and English mother, and is now a recovering patient of Mental Health System abuses. He studied Philosophy at Warwick University, undergoing a spiritual transition & potential breakthrough which was aborted and derailed by misplaced ‘treatment’.

Max spent 6 months living on the street as a runaway from NHS ‘services’ in Brighton. He self-published his first book of poetry, “Madness: a form of love” last year, detailing his ordeals as a form of therapy (#PoetryNotPills #MeditationNotSedation) and defense, and is the winner of RealisticPoetry’s 2018 “Perspectives Of Love” Poetry Contest for the poem “River Of Eternity (For R. W.)”.

While currently spending his time writing poetry and philosophy about Mental Health, he is also considering re-training to work in the field of Artificial Intelligence (although, as he says himself, his intelligence is already highly artificial!).

In his spare time, he plays tennis, drinks pure cacao sweetened with Manuka Honey, a long with various other herbal remedies and holistic health rituals, and avoids Dr.s at all costs. His recent series “Gaslit By A Madman”, which contains both carefully “illuminated” poetry & parts of his own M.A.D. (“Miracles A Dozen” ) philosophy, is now available on Amazon (including Kindle Editions).

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