Man School

Man School by R.H. Alexander

Man School

She has decided

she will give you everything

everything she has saved for some moment

even if it will never happen

she would give it gladly.

In the glow from the willing

in the humbling generosity

in the trembles in her voice

in the way the tears come

bow your head

once and for all

into the kindness and learn.

Then She Looked Up by R.H. Alexander

Then she looked up for the first time

Something had broken through the silence, a sound a sigh in a breath

perhaps it was a weight shifted

or the weight of the silence itself

or the way I pulled at my wrists

the desire we ached for

the infinite weight of desire itself or all of these things that had waited so long.

And now, where is her voice

but better to ask, where is mine? 

<img class="wp-block-coblocks-author__avatar-img" src="; alt="<strong>R.H. Alexander
R.H. Alexander

R.H. Alexander has been writing poetry since he was seven, when his mother showed him how her typewriter could work miracles. 

After a career that spanned forty years starting in journalism and ending as a representative to manufacturers in the outdoor sports world, he began writing new poems in 2010 and has not stopped since.

Alexander lives in Minnesota, is married to Pamela, and has two daughters and seven grandchildren. 

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