Unheard Echoes

Unheard Echoes by Shikha Chandel

Some shadows of her sleepless nights, 
She imprisons her desires,
She rejoices in darkness,
She waits for you every moment...
Some scars of your lust, 
She feels like cold meat,
She thaws her numb skin,
She takes your ego with a smile...
Some attempts of your failed love,
She massacres her true self,
She never reasons your ruthlessness,
She fumbles over dead wishes...
Some brutal blows of your fist,
She resists your hatred,
She gathers her broken bones,
She strangulates her wishful heart...
Some happiness she asks for,
She is murdered slowly, 
She abstains herself from pleasures, 
She is captivated beyond horizons...
Some scars of her past, 
She bribes her courage,
She still survives,
She is lost, yet she is a “freewill”...

Meet Shikha

Shikha Chandel
Shikha Chandel

I am Shikha, author of the book “The Sublime Truth”.  I am from a small town, Kullu, Himachal Pradesh, India, and I’m a poet, teacher, homemaker, and a mother. 

Poetry for me is my life.  I’m alive if I’m writing unsung verses of my heart into words. It’s been more than two decades I have been writing poetry. It has been my biggest way to self heal and calm the chaos in my mind. I have excelled in my research as a Botanist, published in international journals yet, I have always found my truest self as a poet. 

Instagram handle: freewillpoetess 

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