Creative Respire

Creative Respire by Denise Rusley

Creative Respire

Do you look at all the patterns
The taut lines, playful swirls and dots
And the ways that they push and pull
Curve loud, singing colors and knots
The beats of hearts and sighs of souls
All jumbled together laughing
Tears leaking, dripping and salty
Mix of caramels chocolate mashing
Into mountains of happiness
Gusting into the winds of change
Your thinking loud and not mundane
Lights of fancy with smells assuage
A peace with sun inside your heart
Wishes to be found and dance beats
Rhythmically lilting a song
Escapes from lungs breathing so deep

<img class="wp-block-coblocks-author__avatar-img" src="; alt="<strong>Denise Rusley
Denise Rusley

Denise is a registered nurse of 26 years. She’s a mother of two and lives in Texas. She has been writing off and on most of her life.

Denise is in the early stage of writing her first book but recently was part of her first anthology called Poetry Pills with PaperPensandPoetry.

Denise is a connoisseur of all things from the heart and soul. She is woman of strong faith and a believer in truth. Her hobbies include reading, music and drawing.

You can follow her work on Instagram: @nobullheart

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