Threads by Blue Collared Owl

Two things happened
when I snapped the thread
that was holding me back
my heart fell off my sleeve

and I stumbled forward
without grace
and fell down upon my knees

sometimes what we see as holding us back
was holding us up and together

and sometimes mountains are just mountains

not meant to be climbed

and not all rivers find the ocean

and not all fathers find the time

and maybe not all of the threads you unravel

will bring you peace of mind

The Farmer’s Wife by Blue Collared Owl

So swings the scythe 
with just one hand
when the other hand lacks the muscle

against the grain
as the pendulum sways
with each swath 
revealing more stubble 

but still she hangs on
because her faith is her strength
like freshly dampened soil 
hugs a shovel

till the harvest is done
and the union has won
she’ll stand in the field
feeling humbled

because that’s what it means
when you take on a vow
as you plow through the wind and the rain

she is bound to the earth
her hands covered in dirt
but she trusts he will wash it away…

<img class="wp-block-coblocks-author__avatar-img" src="; alt="<strong>Blue Collared Owl
Blue Collared Owl

I am a blue collared owl,
a husband and a father,
a voice for the mute in the grand coalescence, 
I am a fish transcending water

I nurse most my poems over nights shifts
I know that nothing here belongs to me
I’ve seen god while watching birds
And I believe that poetry should be humbling above all. 

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